Rocking J Leather

Finding an old fashioned leather business is becoming a difficult task. Many of our customers from other States tell us this and we find it sad that it is so. The old timers were happy to do any job from fixing a broken rivet to building a large and complicated piece fully tooled and decorated. We try to carry on that tradition in our shop. In addition we reproduce favorite items and repair and restore others. We are told our shop is unique, quaint, magic, just like the old days and fun. We are also told that it smells good but that is due to the product we work with and not of our doing.

ROCKING J LEATHER is an independent business established for 10 years. We are dedicated to produce good quality and individual items over a broad spectrum from small pocket goods to furniture and cabinet panels. We also offer a selection of good quality leathers, tools and hardware.

We work hard to acquire the best raw materials because we know that those are the
basis of a good job and that the items we make will have a long life and give good use
and pleasure for years. All the things we make are produced in our own workshop by
our own craftsmen so we are very proud to be able to say, with complete confidence,
MADE IN THE USA and wherever possible, using the best domestically produced

In the following pages you can see a representation of the things we produce but this is, by no means, a definitive selection and we are continually adding new items and
undertaking unusual specific custom orders.

We specialize in tooling both the old patterns and modern ones. We carve naturalistic
designs and patterns and also stamp patterns. We make re-enactment items for groups
such as the SCA, ECS and Cowboy Action Shooters and can produce pieces for
theatrical groups. Examples of this can be seen throughout the site.

Repair and restoration work is a large part of our production and we are just as happy to sew a patch on a biker jacket or fix a zipper as we are to replace an intricately carved seat or back in an antique chair.

In our retail shop we carry a good selection of leather, tools, dyes, finishes and
hardware and are equally happy to sell you a small scrap or a full hide. Items of interest to Native Americans such as deer, elk and horse hair are usually in stock and if we do not have what you are looking for we can order it and it will be available in a few days. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANYTHING CONNECTED WITH LEATHER CALL US, EMAIL US OR JUST COME INTO THE SHOP. WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO SEE YOU.

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